Issued Patents

6,613,359 Method of using optically-activated particles in cosmetic preparations
6,613,359 Method of using optically-activated particles in cosmetic preparations
6,610,277 Appetite suppressant toothpaste
D478,296 Combined two stone oval gemstone arrangement with setting
6,595,985 Apparatus and method employing parametrically defined pulse groups for laser hair removal
6,586,013 Method of using optically-activated particles in cosmetic preparations
6,579,283 Apparatus and method employing a single laser for removal of hair, veins and capillaries
D475,800 Portable lighting fixture with tripod
6,554,043 Apparatus for automatically applying sealant material in an insulated glass assembly
D473,816 Multi-stone setting for diamonds and gemstones
6,550,819 Pressure relieving arch having split pipe sleeves
6,550,165 Perpetual calendar wall display device having rotatable calendar days
6,537,549 Cytokine antagonists for the treatment of localized disorders
6,537,078 System and apparatus for a karaoke entertainment center
D472,181 Combined four stone round gemstone arrangement with setting
D471,661 Portable lighting fixture with moveable arm
D471,089 Gift bag with metal handles
D471,052 Oblong CD case
6,523,984 Fiber optic replicant lamp
6,520,514 Portable filing case with retractable wheels and handle
6,510,807 Pre-fabricated fireproof bulkhead with special interlocking joints for a ship
6,508,256 Foundation-retained cosmetic implement
D468,228 Multi-stone setting for diamonds and gemstones
6,494,245 Apparatus for automatically and continuously applying sealant material in an insulated glass assembly
6,485,710 Appetite suppressant toothpaste
6,483,437 Compressed gas visual notification device for signaling distress
6,471,961 Interleukin antagonists for the treatment of neurological, retinal and muscular disorders
6,470,562 Automatic screening machine for continuously applying spline to a window screen frame
D464,905 Combined two stone oval gemstone arrangement and setting
6,467,809 Greeting card having a conception day wheel
6,453,700 Multi-stone setting member for attachment to a ring
D463,314 Combined flower-shaped gemstone jewelry arrangement and setting
D462,636 Combined star-shaped gemstone jewelry arrangement and setting
D462,635 Six stone oval gemstone arrangement
D462,634 Four stone round gemstone arrangement
D462,582 Chef knife handle
D462,581 Chef knife handle
D462,575 Mug beverage container
6,442,971 Multi-stone round center setting for diamonds and gemstones
6,434,805 Method of making a heart-shaped diamond
6,428,787 TNF inhibitors for the treatment of retinal disorders
D460,900 Cutlery knife
6,423,321 Cytokine antagonists for the treatment of sensorineural hearing loss
6,419,944 Cytokine antagonists for the treatment of localized disorders
6,419,934 TNF modulators for treating neurological disorders associated with viral infection
D460,380 Combined four stone round gemstone arrangement and setting
D458,810 Cutlery knife
D458,517 Cutlery knife
D458,516 Cutlery knife
D458,082 Mug beverage container
D457,861 Retractable telephone cord
D457,829 Two stone oval gemstone arrangement
D457,395 Mug beverage container
D457,094 Combined six stone oval gemstone arrangement and setting
6,379,666 TNF inhibitors for the treatment of neurological, retinal and muscular disorders
D455,977 Oval-shaped gemstone arrangement
D455,369 Trilliant-shaped gemstone arrangements
D455,311 Foam pillow for sleeping
D455,073 Display box for a mirror
6,344,355 Anaerobic bioremediation system
D452,604 Car slipper
D450,779 Foldable game board with fastener for Chinese checkers
D450,351 Foldable game board with fastener for checkers
D450,224 Chopping board and knife combination
D450,093 Foldable game board with fastener for backgammon
6,308,717 Hair brush with movable bristles
D449,656 Foldable game board with fastener for dominoes
D449,350 Foldable game board with fastener and moveable game pieces
D449,349 Foldable game board with fastener for tic tac toe
D449,348 Foldable game board with fastener for chess
6,298,863 Cosmetic case having a brush with a sliding cap
6,298,599 Vase and base in the shape of a sculptured head and torso
6,295,651 Underpants having protective structure
6,293,129 Multi-stone center setting for diamonds and gemstones
D446,910 Race car slipper
D446,744 Jewelry arrangement for gemstones
D446,386 Wave design for an athletic shoe
6,254,112 Portable file case holder with removable wheels and stackable compartments
6,235,367 Composite material for construction and method of making same
6,234,643 Lay-in/recessed lighting fixture having direct/indirect reflectors
6,234,640 Fiber optic replicant lamp
6,232,892 Method of using a nine key alphanumeric binary keyboard combined with a three key binary control keyboard
6,227,216 Umbrella having ears
D441,533 Carrying case
6,217,572 Apparatus and method employing lasers for removal of hair
6,210,212 Computer headphone extension cord device
6,209,763 Hanging package display unit
6,207,638 Nutritional intervention composition for enhancing and extending satiety
D439,541 Gem design
6,199,323 Double-hung window structure and seals
6,196,223 Strapless respiratory facial mask for customizing to the wearer's face
D437,719 Holding board for advertisements
6,184,803 Nine key alphanumeric binary keyboard combined with a three key binary control keyboard and combinational control means
6,182,522 Transmission for automotive vehicles or machinery
6,177,077 TNT inhibitors for the treatment of neurological disorders
6,170,964 Ornamental lighting device with a flexibly-shapeable light emitting tube capable of portraying user-designed signs in a flickering manner
6,170,596 Racing go-cart vehicle
6,168,589 Apparatus and method employing a single laser for removal of hair
6,165,171 Apparatus and method employing lasers for removal of hair
6,165,087 Figure-eight shaped drive belt
D434,893 Child car slipper
D434,703 Rotor cover for motorcycles
6,149,645 Apparatus and method employing lasers for removal of hair
6,142,695 Cosmetic brush
6,142,170 Apparatus and method for dispensing disinfectant compositions for disinfecting water systems and lines
6,141,882 Measuring instrument
6,131,590 Collapsible umbrella structure with hand protection
6,123,344 Portable file case holder with removable wheels and stackable compartments
D431,204 Multi-stone setting for diamonds and gemstones
6,116,745 Garment with an electroluminescent circuit
6,114,003 Insulation blanket having an inner metal core air cell and adjoining outer insulation layers
6,107,691 Methods for utilizing the electrical and non electrical outputs of fuel cell powered vehicles
6,106,854 Disinfectant composition for infectious water and surface contaminations
6,102,215 Holding device for caulking canisters and a caulking gun
6,095,038 Egg white and yolk separator
6,094,999 Rotatable batch sampler with wedge-shaped cone
D428,701 Underseat storage box
D428,684 Combined child's slipper and rattle
6,092,694 Holy water dispenser having a religious door ornament
D428,620 Eye shield
6,082,885 Honeycomb cellular reflector with light sources
6,080,147 Method of employing a flashlamp for removal of hair, veins and capillaries
6,074,714 Fire and heat protection wrap for structural steel columns, beams and open web joists
D425,817 Multi-stone setting for diamonds and gemstones
6,065,752 Method of playing a wagering board card game with a progressive jackpot
RE36,696 Light fixture having the combination of a detachable flashlight, a night light, and a fluorescent light contained therein
D424,480 Rotor cover for motorcycles
6,051,236 Composition for optimizing muscle performance during exercise
6,048,805 Fire, heat and backdraft protection shield for firefighters
6,044,496 Waistband expander
6,043,761 Method of using a nine key alphanumeric binary keyboard combined with a three key binary control keyboard
6,036,337 Virtual axis lighting fixture
6,032,964 Kayak transport device
6,026,517 Men's underpants
6,020,185 Method and composition for the anaerobic biodegradation of toxic compounds
D419,507 Steering wheel having push-button shifters
D419,504 Chassis frame for a vehicle
6,015,557 Tumor necrosis factor antagonists for the treatment of neurological disorders
6,013,078 Securing device for bone fastener
6,010,605 Nitrogen trifluoride production apparatus
6,010,228 Wireless emergency safety light with sensing means for conventional light switch or plug receptacle
6,007,846 Scented body gel having particulate matter in the form of glitter with predetermined shapes
6,003,335 Multi-stone center setting for diamonds and gemstones
D417,782 Carrying case
D417,771 Football-shaped slipper
6,000,721 In-line skates with fiber optic lighting
5,993,089 8-bit binary code for use as an 8-dot braille arrangement and data entry system and method for 8-key chordic binary keyboards
5,985,385 Fire and heat protection wrap for conduits, cable trays, other electrical transmission lines and gas and oil pipelines
5,970,546 Portable headrest having a base support member with air passages for use while sunbathing
D414,949 Portable chair for attachment to a vehicle bumper
D414,584 Pony holder hair ornament
D414,297 Multi-loop hair ornament
D413,531 Crystal cover bangle
5,942,759 Counterfeit detection viewer apparatus having a removable counterfeit detector unit for paper currency
5,940,988 Apparatus and method for dry cleaning
D413,098 Portable power station
D412,775 Football-shaped slipper with lacing
5,935,488 Deicing and anti-icing concentrated composition for aircraft
5,931,559 Sports headgear with fiber optic lighting and strobe light
5,927,629 Anti-static tension device
5,924,304 Insulated holder for lunch boxes
5,921,241 Anti-snoring device having an adjustable external oral shield
5,918,598 Strapless respiratory facial mask for customizing to the wearer's face
5,914,913 Interchangeable watchband and watchcase attachment assembly
D411,047 Toothbrush
5,907,881 Protective covering for a shoe outersole
5,899,133 Frozen hamburger patty separator
D408,141 Travelling case
D408,108 Rolling court case cart
5,881,520 Integral metal structural post for the erection of two pairs of interior walls
5,874,742 Counterfeit detection viewer apparatus for paper currency
5,873,645 Fiber optic cellular reflector
5,865,200 Collapsible umbrella with a reliable and smooth self-opening mechanism
5,855,075 Brick-laying template
5,853,706 Scented hair gel having particulate matter in the form of glitter
D403,006 Counterfeit detection viewer for paper currency
5,849,251 Catalytic converter for a tailpipe including apparatus for relieving back pressure
5,849,250 Auxiliary catalytic converter having a back pressure relief device
5,843,415 Scented hair gel having particulate matter in the form of glitter with predetermined shapes
5,843,330 Anti-icing composition having anti-corrosion and anti-spalling properties
5,842,304 Foldable crab trap having a bait bag
5,840,408 Decorative appliques for garments
5,836,616 Talking business card
5,836,516 Foldable, portable sprinkler system
5,832,869 Pre-filled disposable cardboard pet litter container
5,827,210 Orthopedic cast walker boot
5,820,884 Scented body gel having particulate matter in the form of glitter
5,817,252 Deicing and anti-icing composition for aircraft
D399,056 Carrying case
5,813,955 Aerobic exercise device
5,810,013 Anti-snoring device having an adjusting external oral shield
5,800,239 Building block toy set
5,796,460 Eyeglass protector
5,794,999 Pizza box carrier
5,794,328 Automated window screen assembly apparatus
5,791,356 Hair perm rod with notches and/or channels
5,779,866 Electrolyzer
5,778,888 X-ray radiation protector for reproductive systems
5,771,605 Protective covering for a shoe outersole
5,768,849 Composite structural post
5,767,584 Method for generating electrical power from fuel cell powered cars parked in a conventional parking lot
5,749,722 Single charge continuous rotary retort furnace with an accessible door
D393,279 Pen and timepiece combination
5,727,543 Nasal breathing device
5,724,092 Videophone interactive mailbox facility system and method of processing information
5,723,515 Intumescent fire-retardant composition for high temperature and long duration protection
5,722,691 Collapsible and portable page holder device for books
5,720,660 Protective cover for a heat register
5,720,302 Anti-snoring device having an external shield
5,713,655 Emergency safety light
5,713,147 Ornamental photograph holder
D390,004 Carrying case
5,705,992 Plug-in picture with recorded message
5,697,180 Collapsible and portable gun stand table having adjustable legs, a firearm support rail, and storage drawers
D386,511 Eye glasses
D385,912 Pen and timepiece combination
D385,644 Hanging light fixture
D385,437 Support stand with attachment device
5,667,178 Bracket assembly for mounting a shade
D383,465 Auxiliary antenna for cellular phone
5,660,338 Apparatus for disposing of light bulbs
5,658,143 Dental articulator having dowel pins and support pins
5,655,806 Tongs with tapered jaws
D381,958 Mounting frame for mounting wall switches and sockets
5,647,827 Aerobic exercise device
D381,017 Ergonomic eight key chord keyboard
5,646,457 Neutral safety switch control device using a rotatable magnet for controlling remote vehicle starting of a vehicle equipped with a manual transmission
5,645,755 Ice-melting composition having anti-corrosion properties
5,642,587 Compressed dormancy process for increased plant growth
5,639,092 Method of playing a casino table game having multiple casino games
5,628,894 Nitrogen trifluoride process
5,626,352 Collapsible and foldable cart having a stabilization member
5,622,248 Adjustable container feeding system for printing presses
5,619,194 Fiber optic traffic signal light system having a shutter control
5,613,891 Foot operated animal caller
5,611,691 Modular construction kit using electronic control modules
5,606,361 Videophone interactive mailbox facility system and method of processing information
5,597,995 Automated medical prescription fulfillment system having work stations for imaging, filling, and checking the dispensed drug product
5,596,864 Cylindrical bale-wrapping machine
5,595,118 Drying apparatus for a dry off-set printing press having an ultra-violet lamp assembly
5,594,956 Head bandanna having a headband with closure tabs
D377,400 Wall light fixture
D377,168 Visual image scanner
D376,429 Surgical shoe
5,572,319 Stain detector apparatus and method
D375,059 Jewelry chain
D374,791 Fryer for food
5,564,980 Room air quality conditioning system
5,563,588 Fiber optic traffic signal light system having a shutter control
5,555,137 Repair kit for an adjustable side view mirror for vehicles
5,548,494 Light fixture having the combination of a detachable flashlight, a night light, and a fluorescent light contained therein
5,531,634 Method of using an abrasive material for blast cleaning of solid surfaces
5,527,454 Mechanical ventilation system to capture gases released from wastewater passing through rock media trickling filters
5,512,049 Syringe needle cover holder/grasper
D368,941 Soccer goal
5,502,924 Planter assembly having automatic water-feeding and drying intervals
D368,370 Briefcase
5,492,359 Personal manually-actuatable safety restraint gas bag shield
5,483,742 Tool for installing a U-shaped retainer clip on a connector and a method thereof
5,482,682 Apparatus for direct fluorination of a hydrocarbon by molecular fluorine gas
D365,929 Toothbrush
5,479,878 Bird feeder
5,473,517 Emergency safety light
D364,934 Candelabra
5,467,765 Disposable face mask with multiple liquid resistant layers
5,462,662 Oil filter structure
5,462,069 Post-surgical toe guard and tongue
5,456,027 Athletic shoe with a detachable sole having an electronic breakaway system
5,452,187 Fluorescent lighting fixture having a bendable support and mounting system
5,450,699 Flexible partitioning member for use in forming concrete slab
5,448,460 Fluorescent lighting fixture having a bendable support and mounting system
5,447,041 Cover and built-in audio system for an insulated cooler
D359,494 Bridge plate for speakers
D359,461 Combined warning light and siren housing for an emergency vehicle
5,419,013 Hydraulic hinge having rotatable shaft and linearly movable plug forming fluid chambers
5,407,647 Gas-scrubber apparatus for the chemical conversion of toxic gaseous compounds into non-hazardous inert solids
5,403,678 Corrosion-resistant and protective terminal structure for a battery post
D356,678 Briefcase
5,398,726 Pressure noise suppression valve
5,397,412 Process for manufacturing yarn from wheat straws
5,396,710 Carpentry building tool and method of using same
D356,089 Speaker grill
5,393,556 Composition and method for detecting counterfeit paper currency
5,392,710 Modular feeder printing system
5,389,934 Portable locating system
5,366,650 Ice-melting composition having anti-corrosion properties
5,366,606 Electrolytic gas generator
D352,784 Surgical boot
5,353,541 Collapsible crab trap with a center bait feeder and weighted side doors
5,346,122 Oval shaped box
5,343,525 Hard disk data security device
5,336,993 Assembly for testing rectifiers and regulators of automotive alternators
5,327,499 Safety device for a hearing aid
5,312,483 Adhesion of asphalt to aggregates
D345,304 Oval package
5,276,938 Freon recovery workstation
D343,141 Precious stone
5,271,688 Joint for magic square central bearing structure
5,271,325 Screen wiper assembly for a printing screen
5,267,414 Louver assembly
5,259,397 Foam counterpressure garment
5,259,075 Water-saving device for a water closet
D340,909 Transformer
D340,670 Precious stone
D340,669 Precious stone
D340,668 Precious stone
D340,667 Precious stone
D340,666 Precious stone
D340,665 Precious stone
5,234,494 Softening agents for recycling asphalt pavement
5,230,446 Squeezable and refillable container for dispensing liquid soap
5,225,294 Non-rechargeable battery pack
D336,765 Heel cup
5,221,139 Fluorescent lighting fixture
5,220,730 Adjustable alignment device
5,213,412 Drop light with magnet and hook
5,204,483 Gun barrel cleaning device
5,195,544 Nail catcher case
D332,709 Display rack
5,176,438 Integral clipboard and reading light
5,164,032 Method of forming a decorative article
5,149,390 Non-collapsible tire building drum
D329,527 Surgical shoe
5,143,300 Showerhead
5,140,662 Method of assembling connector and cable
5,125,712 Front cover for a baby stroller
D326,533 Floor lamp
5,113,800 Nestable livestock watering tank with removable drinker tray
D325,648 Adjustable lamp
5,104,166 Turning and lifting device
5,080,206 Attache case including expanding gusset
5,058,221 Combination of a wheelchair and a transport device for transporting a patient
5,044,111 Animal trap
5,040,713 Lateral tear tape stand
5,017,731 Direct conversion of ethane to alcohols by high pressure controlled oxidation
5,005,313 Animal trap
5,001,784 Garment
4,994,308 Direct fluorination of polymeric materials by using dioxifluorine fluid (mixture of CO.sub.2 and F.sub.2)
D313,516 Changing table for a baby
D312,276 Combined book cover and reading lamp
4,965,296 Intumescent fire-retardant and electrically-conductive coating material
4,949,499 Animal trap
D309,569 Package
4,931,346 Lightweight laminated paperboard
4,928,927 Lifting mechanism for heavy street gratings
4,926,786 Restaurant signaling device
4,912,780 Combined shirt and religious garment
4,879,320 Intumescent fire-retardant coating material
4,796,214 Integral calculator and address book
D297,987 Computer workstation
4,760,382 Resistance loop equipment security system
4,735,067 Guard member for preventing tampering with combination locks
D294,447 Portable hot pot
4,697,856 Portable cabinet for dispensing medication
4,691,804 Portable tree seat and platform for standing
4,685,610 Container and method of making a container with integral bottom panel and side panels
4,680,681 Integral book cover and reading light
D289,696 Combined hair dryer and hair singer
4,642,086 Apparatus for forming flexible fold lines in a thermoplastic sheet
4,636,185 Apparatus for fabricating a box-like article
D287,582 Speaker component
4,606,555 Diet control device and method
4,603,560 Apparatus for removing snags from fabric
4,596,408 Reinforced hinge for book cover
4,566,315 Meter for measuring erythrocyte settling rates
4,566,056 Headlamp for vehicle
D280,780 Carrying case
4,527,814 Protective cover for books
D279,428 Combined carrying case and folding mat
D279,145 Jewelry box
D278,049 Light-emitting diode semiconductor chip with leads
D278,048 Light-emitting diode semiconductor chip with leads
4,504,249 H-Key adjustable pulley
D277,955 Light-emitting diode semiconductor chip with leads
4,493,972 Electrically heated apparatus employing a PTC heater for liquifying a rod of binding material
4,481,734 Louver assembly
D257,983 Camera with strobo unit

Weinstein and Sutton (1980-1984)

D276,810 Printer
4,474,056 Erythrocyte settling rate meter
D274,911 Metal-working machine with multitool head
4,457,462 Tool holder
D274,520 Paper and document handling apparatus
4,456,354 Exposure controller for a camera
4,456,353 Photometry controller for camera having an electronic flash controlling capability and capable of photometry of reflection from film surface
D273,763 Snap-action clip
D273,762 Snap-action clip
D273,659 Snap-action clip
D273,658 Snap-action clip
4,442,191 Electrophotographic copying process for producing a plurality of copies
4,441,799 Camera with a lens protective cover
4,441,131 Magnetic head
4,440,844 Electrophotographic copying process involving simultaneous charging and imaging
4,440,843 Electrophotographic copying process for forming positive or negative images
4,440,479 Reflex photometric assembly for camera
4,439,060 Marine circulator
4,438,995 Housing with frangible locking elements
4,437,316 Method and apparatus for recovering waste energy
RE31,539 Remote-control device for a crane
4,434,444 Tape cassette loading device for cassette tape recorder
D272,806 Packaging container
4,433,038 Electrophotographic copying process involving simultaneous charging and imaging
4,430,286 Variable density board having improved thermal and acoustical properties and method and apparatus for producing same
4,429,971 Apparatus for testing automatic electronic flash
4,426,785 Method and apparatus for detecting abnormal thickness conditions such as folded and/or missing corners of moving sheets
4,426,145 Lens shutter camera
4,426,144 Power supply unit shared by camera's motor drive and electronic flash
4,426,143 Overexposure indicator for an automatic electronic flash
4,425,974 Method for counting signatures employing a weighing technique
4,424,416 Acoustic reproducing apparatus
4,422,994 Method and apparatus for forming inverts in manhole assemblies, and the like
4,422,742 Photographing mode switching device for a camera
4,422,447 Percutaneous balloon
4,420,547 Photosensitive member for electrophotography having ultraviolet absorption layer
4,420,153 Document handling counting and examining device incorporating high speed rotary gating means
4,417,585 Liquid monitor
4,417,352 Microphase stepper employing improved digital timing incrementer employing a rate multiplier
D271,467 Snap-action clip
4,415,254 Electrophotographic copying apparatus with transfer bias voltage stabilizer
4,413,604 Fuel blending installation
4,413,044 Electrophotographic copying process
4,407,271 Apparatus for left heart assist
D270,786 Pouch for carrying jewelry or similar articles
4,405,156 Reinforced hinge for book cover
4,402,587 Photometric mode switching apparatus for cameras of automatic exposure control type
4,401,864 Seesaw type switch mechanism
4,399,188 Heat-sensitive recording sheet
4,396,273 Transfer unit for electrophotographic copying machine
4,395,115 Conveyor unit for book carrier in electro-photographic copying machines
4,395,101 Apparatus for presetting photographing distance for camera
4,395,100 Illumination mode switching circuit for automatic electronic flash
D269,904 Endoscope
4,394,570 Photoelectric conversion circuit
4,392,737 Electrophotographic copying apparatus
4,391,202 Paperboard load-supporting pallet
4,390,258 Photomeric circuit for camera
4,389,669 Opto-video inspection system
4,389,166 Self-contained portable air compressor
4,388,959 Soft container for jewelry
D269,457 Endoscope
D269,397 Arm extension for a rug sample display stand
4,388,660 Tape recorder employing miniature tape cassette and capable of automatic reversible operation
4,387,900 Method and apparatus for providing watertight seal for manhole pipe connection
4,385,818 Multiple electronic flash controlling apparatus
4,384,194 Electronic counting and control means for document handling utilizing plural counters
4,381,447 Method and apparatus for evaluating and sorting sheets in a high speed manner
D268,538 Copier stand
4,377,334 Magnet roll developing unit
4,377,229 Apparatus for conveying copy sheet for electrophotographic copying machine
4,376,502 Nestable basket for use with nestable shopping carts and the like
D268,269 Collator for use with copier
4,374,441 Method of making a book cover and pocket element therefor
4,373,796 Film end detector for use in automatic film winding camera
4,372,500 Inserts for use with web dispensing means
4,368,965 Photometric assembly for camera
4,368,497 Tape cassette
4,367,037 Temperature controller for photographic heat fixing unit
4,367,022 Exposure control circuit for camera of TTL reflective photometry type
4,366,886 Attache case including expansion gusset
4,366,469 Companding analog to digital converter
4,365,508 Limpness detector for documents and the like
4,363,546 Apparatus for establishing routine shot distance of taking lens in cameras
4,363,542 Camera and electronic flash combination
4,363,541 Photographing apparatus
D267,078 Scoring dials for backgammon game
4,359,273 Photographing apparatus
4,358,741 Micro time and phase stepper
4,357,619 High-speed non-impact band printer employing an array of radiation sources for printing on a movable surface
4,357,095 Electrophotographic copying machine
4,356,899 Attache case including expansion gusset
4,356,640 Method of drying clothes and heating up laundry water and apparatus therefor
4,356,524 Magnetic head
4,351,367 Beat-up system
4,350,870 Temperature sensor for sheet-shaped heating element
4,348,103 Cleaning apparatus for photosensitive member of electrophotographic copying machine
4,343,544 Diaphragm control apparatus for combined use of an electronic flash with a camera
4,342,106 Remotely controllable voice-operated starter for tape recorder
4,339,187 Photographing apparatus
D264,847 Document handling and counting device
4,332,472 Automatic cataphoresis apparatus
4,332,447 Electromagnetic shutter apparatus for camera
D264,396 Container for a portable compressor
4,329,030 Integrating time detector for photographic apparatus
4,324,472 Switch for camera
4,323,828 Apparatus for use with a motor drive
4,321,570 Release electromagnet
4,318,095 Digital input apparatus
4,317,107 Audible vacuum detector
4,315,678 Electrical shutter of electromagnetic release type for camera having adjustable delay circuit for adjusting the precision of the electrical shutter
D263,056 Camera
4,314,151 Focus detection by accumulation of a given number of the largest absolute difference magnitudes between adjacent photocells in an array
4,313,598 Self-compensating stripper assembly for document handling and counting apparatus
4,312,496 Compact cross shaft type compound drum hoist for spooling extra long lengths of tow cable with segmented fairings
4,309,826 Apparatus for determining the diameter of corrective lenses
4,309,092 Automatic exposure control circuit for camera
4,308,559 Switching apparatus for closed circuit television monitoring systems
4,308,431 Speaker with low mass driver
4,307,810 Remote-control device for a crane
4,307,701 Portable heat distribution system
4,307,601 Apparatus for calibrating flow meters and the like
4,307,432 Charge apparatus
4,306,791 Single lens reflex camera
D262,375 Electrophotographic copier
4,303,323 Focus correcting device for use in a rangefinder camera
4,299,459 Diaphragm control circuit for camera
4,298,261 Camera automatically synchronized with an electronic flash
4,298,104 Luggage handle having releasable locking assembly
D261,659 Electrophotographic copier
D261,535 Combined backgammon game and carrying case
4,295,914 Apparatus for applying sealant material to a workpiece
4,295,717 Camera with operation indicator for auto-strobo unit
4,294,506 Optical scanner with anamorphic optical system
4,292,961 Apparatus for automatically controlling the position of endoscopes or similar devices in a cavity
4,290,875 Sputtering apparatus
4,290,116 Method and apparatus for operating a printer
4,289,954 Energy conserving system for use with heating and/or hot water systems and the like
4,287,892 Cannula for intra-aortic balloon devices and the like
4,286,888 Bi-directional belt drive, print head mounting means and printing plane adjustment means for serial printers
4,285,370 Shed retainer
4,285,020 Tape cassette
4,284,897 Fluorescence determining microscope utilizing laser light
4,279,519 Dot matrix printing device employing novel image transfer technique for printing on single ply or multiple ply print receiving media
4,277,189 Bidirectional carriage drive employing a closed loop belt drive means for printers and the like
4,277,130 Zoom stereomicroscope with taking lens barrel
4,277,034 Paper roll holder with dancer bar for use with printers and the like
4,275,874 Extended stacker
4,274,724 Indicator circuit for auto-strobo unit
D259,640 Indicator for camera
4,272,176 Camera having an acoustic indicator for generating sounds to indicate the status of certain operating conditions
4,272,168 Photographic camera of automatic exposure control type
4,271,376 Electronic flash
4,270,838 Micromanipulator for a microscope
4,269,517 Microscope for quantitative determination of substance in specimen
4,266,547 Laser knife
4,266,534 Illumination unit for endoscope
4,265,549 Flat flexible printed circuit cable for a print head
4,262,426 Marker assembly for use with a microscope
4,258,402 Small size tape recorder with adapter
4,258,401 Multi-channel record/playback magnetic head
4,258,290 Operation indicator for auto-strobo unit
4,256,402 Method and apparatus of detecting toner concentration of dry developer
4,255,865 Camber aligning tool
4,254,324 Hair singer and hair dryer
4,253,127 Magnetic head
4,252,453 Acoustic attenuator system for quietizing printers and the like
4,251,753 Power supply circuit for strobo unit
4,249,813 Fixture for electronic flash
4,249,533 Laser knife
4,247,028 Suspension strap fastener for camera
4,245,539 Musical platform
D257,983 Camera with strobo unit
4,240,757 Fanfold replacement ribbon package
4,240,735 Protective cover for taking lens of camera
4,240,431 Laser knife
4,239,984 Signal system
4,239,363 Electronically controlled self-timer for camera
4,237,439 Release electromagnet assembly
4,237,378 Photoelectric apparatus for document counting and overlap detection
4,235,509 Electrically driven optical instrument with manual drive
4,233,686 Radio tuner for coupling with tape recorder
4,232,970 Apparatus for automatic diagnosis of cells
4,232,933 Optical system of colposcope
4,231,644 Electrical shutter for camera
4,231,268 Flywheel for small size tape recorder
4,226,410 Stacking system for fanfold paper and the like
4,223,076 Battery casing
4,222,647 Adaptor for auto strobo unit
4,220,018 Display device for ornamental objects
4,219,766 Apparatus for use with a motor drive
4,214,825 Shutter control means with auto strobo for electrical shutter camera
4,214,691 Pin-feed assembly
4,212,516 Scanner with multiple optical fibres
4,212,516 Scanner with multiple optical fibres

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