Fee Schedule

(without government charges)


Full Search & Report Letter (including Search Results) $450
Federal Search Report Finding Conflicting Mark $350
Application Single Class $550
Application (multiple classes) $600+
Appeal Brief on Examiner Rejection (depending on complexity) $1,185 & up
Notice of Appeal $350
Response to Examiner's Office Action (Level One Difficulty) $450
Response to Examiner's Office Action (Level Two Difficulty) $950 & up
Response to Examiner's Office Action (Level Three Difficulty) $1,500 & up
Preparing Statement of Use and Obtaining Specimens of Use $465
Sixth (6) Year Trademark Registration Renewal w/ Incontestable Status $590
If More Than 3 Classes Being Renewed In Single Registration $725
Tenth (10) Year Trademark Renewal $570
Report Letter Advising Client Upon Obtaining Registration And Docketing / Processing Same $225


Patentability Search $2,200
Patent Application low-level technology (without government fees) $4,950 & up
Patent Infringement Study & Opinion Letter hourly, depending on complexity
Patent Amendments/Response to Office Action hourly, depending on complexity

Design Patents

Design Patent Application (depending on complexity) $2,200
Copyright Registration $490

U.S. Customs

U.S. Customs Recordation $610


Initial Retainer, plus billed hourly thereafter, along with supplemental retainers.
(Hourly rates vary depending on the attorney or paralegal involved.)

All fees are subject to change annually. Please call our office to confirm fees.

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